Farming for lifeA FEW WORDS ABOUT US

BioFarm a company with a difference – and we’re very proud of that. From day one we have never been afraid to go it alone, striving to show how agriculture can support the wellbeing of the farmer, the animal, the land, and the customer.

Farming for lifeOUR

Certified organic since 1986, BioFarm is among the oldest organic farms still operating and is still run by its original owners. BioFarm is also unique in that we produce both the milk and the finished product here on the farm.

The transition to organic agriculture was driven by a passion for regenerating the land that feeds us and the need to create a point of difference that could add value, allowing us to pursue sustainability as our goal instead of intensification and industrial efficiency.


Our philosophy is all about promoting natural cycles; using sustainable farming methods that work in harmony with nature to produce pure organic dairy products.

Abandoning monocultural farming in favour of increased diversity, in farmed animals and wildlife, we shrink our footprint on the land; taking only what we need and nourishing the ecosystem that sustains us.

Farming for lifeFOOD MATTERS

Health begins with the soil, and we are committed to producing wholesome and nutritious products from thriving animals, grazing lush pastures, growing on healthy land.

It is important to us that we don’t interfere with this pure food, and so BioFarm yoghurts have no additives beyond the probiotic cultures that transform the milk and organic flavours from New Zealand producers.

Farming for lifeFUTURE FOCUSSED

Terms such as sustainable and regenerative are being adopted to describe how farming can be part of tomorrow’s world, and BioFarm has been at the leading edge of this movement for more than 30 years.

Farmland is an important carbon sink and our mission is to support the life-giving properties of our whenua, giving paramount importance to animal welfare, while enhancing the sequestering abilities of our trees and pastures. Carbon in our air is a threat, once sequestered in our soils is provides the fertility to nourish us, young and old.


Farming since 1977

Cathy, born and raised on a farm near Longburn, is one half of BioFarm’s founding duo. Recognised as Maori Businesswoman of the Year in 1997, Cathy has spent her life dedicated to the promotion of sustainable farming and indigenous food sovereignty, in between milking cows.

Starting out as a Psychology graduate, Jamie made the leap into farming on his grandfather’s Manawatu land, which has now been in the family for more than 80 years. Jamie still crafts every batch of BioFarm yoghurt himself and oversees the farm ecology, guiding it toward greater depth and resilience.



Farming for life

“BioFarm is committed to the production of clean nutritious food using biodynamic farming principles, which are based on our consideration for the health and welfare of consumers, the animals in our care, and the environment we all live in.”

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